What our Customers say...


"I had SERVPRO come and clean my duct systems and I am more than satisfied with the product it smells cleaner in my house."

I called SERVPRO because the house I just bought and they got all the mold out and more I recommend SERVPRO to anyone with a mold problem!

Left my window open, and it rained inside my living room. Called SERVPRO and they fixed everything plus they cleaned all my carpet!

I was visiting my Grandson in Illinois for the month. When I got home I noticed A tree branch had fallen on my house. Once I called SERVPRO they handled everything.

I own a house in Centreville, AL. I live in Utah so I can't just leave to come clean the house I rent to people. So I called SERVPRO to come clean out the mold in the basement, and I couldn't thank them enough. Thank you! Very Convenient!

Own a small office building in Selma, wanted to sell it but they told me it smelled in there. Called SERVPRO to clean the carpets, and now it smells amazing.

Had a small fire in my house, Called SERVPRO last year and it still smells good. Very impressed.

Used SERVPRO to get mold out of my attic, They were quick and Easy!

I always use SERVPRO to get my office buildings carpet cleaned. Love them!!

After my basement flooded from the rain I did not know what I was going to do. Thankfully SERVPRO came to save the day. they were very professional, and they got the job done, I was very happy with how quick they arrived, and how quick they got the job done. I am so thankful for my local SERVPRO.

I had SERVPRO come clean the mod out of my master bed closet a couple of years ago and it hasn't came back yet.

Happy with my service after the rain destroyed my kitchen set!

I had nasty mold in my basement so I called SERVPRO and they took care of it for me. Thank You!! VERY RECOMMENDED! 

I own a office building, It always smelled in the building so I had SERVPRO clean my duct systems, they now smell amazing and clean. Thank you so muchhhh!

Had a small electrical fire in one of my rental homes, called SERVPRO and didn't have to leave my actual house they just did the work. Thank You! Very recommended!

I had a small fire in my kitchen, I called SERVPRO to find out if they did small fires. Turns out they do any sized fires. Once they got to my house they cleaned it up and made my whole house smell very clean. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I had mold in my basement, I called SERVPRO and they were very professional, recommended me to a dehumidifier so it doesn't happen again, and got my house smelling clean.

I live close to the river, and when it rains a lot the river takes over my back yard. This particular time the river had came up into my kitchen, which is really low compared to the rest of my house. I called SERVPRO after the river had went down, and they came and fixed my whole kitchen. Thanks!

I had SERVPRO come clean my carpet before I sold my office building, to make it look and smell better, and they were very professional, had a great price, and I was very impressed about how clean they got my carpets after 9 years of usage.

I had some mold in the new house I just bought, I was kind of scared but I called SERVPRO back in march and they got rid of it and it hasn't came back since. Very professional!

I had SERVPRO come clean my carpets in my house before I had a family reunion and, they were very professional and got my carpets looking brand new.

Staff was very professional, and truly made my home "Like it never even happened." Highly recommended!!

Very professional, they dried my house and cleaned it shortly after the flood hit

I would recommend SERVPRO.

Employees were prompt and courteous.


Great service provided.

SERVPRO employees were professional and on time.

Great job!

Things were explained clearly.

The staff was very polite and explained things well.

I would use SERVPRO again if I needed them!

I would definitely recommend SERVPRO to others.

I am satisfied with the services provided by SERVPRO!

Mrs Patricia gave us all high ratings on our service to her water damage. 

"Thank you so much for coming out so quick and taking care of us "

To the SERVPRO crew "Thanks for getting the floors done, they look good."

"Thank you for taking care of my Emergency (Broken Water Pipe) at my property in Greensboro, Al. Your staff was extremely professional and courteous. I am very grateful for your help!"