Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Don't forget to put the cigarette

Fires can occur anytime, and they can happen anywhere! This customer had a can outside their door on their porch to put their cigarette butts in. The wind came up and tipped the can over with a recent cigarette butt in it and it started their siding on fire. Goes to show the point you can never be too careful with burning cigarette butts! Good thing the fire department was just a couple blocks away and was quick to be onsite, the damage was not as severe as it could have been.

Garage fire aftermath

This is the aftermath of a stairway to a loft above a garage in Selma when we arrived on scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage to the garage and loft; affecting vehicles, furniture, tools, etc..

Fire in bathroom in small suburban home

Smoke damage is not the only result from a fire - your home or building can experience large amounts of soot that settles onto your belongings and furniture. SERVPRO of Centreville, Marion, and Selma can get this cleaned up and deodorized for you "Like it never even happened."

Smoking safety

This picture captures the importance of not smoking in bed. Someone fell asleep with a lit cigarette and this is the result. Luckily the smoker was able to get out before being injured

House Fire

Sometimes the unexpected happens including a house fire with significant soot and smoke damage throughout the entire home. We always try to restore versus replace, we give an initial assessment and once you approve we can go in to clean and repair. 

Electrical Fire

This house had an electrical fire in the attic. Pre-testing had to be done in areas and we checked for smoke intrusion. The fire department put holes in several of the ceilings to check for fires.