Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage to hardwood floor in Selma home

An important key to successfully saving a hardwood floor when you have water damage is to quickly get the water removed and drying equipment set up. SERVPRO of Centreville, Marion, and Selma was onsite within one hour of notification of this water loss and we were able to save the hardwood floor.  Time is important during a water loss, it can mean the difference of saving or replacing the affected flooring.  This customer was very pleased due to SERVPRO of Centreville, Marion, and Selma's quick response time that their hardwood floors were saved.

Water damage in Selma home

This family suffered from a large water damage through their home. This was the aftermath of the hot water heater leaking in Selma, which you can see. the laminate flooring was affected and when our technicians were pulling up the laminate there was water underneath. To properly dry-out this residence we have to remove all the laminate and extract the remaining water and place air movers through the affected areas. SERVPRO of Centreville, Marion, and Selma worked hard and diligently all day to get this home to its preloss conditions.

Water damage from Pipe in upper ceiling burst

This picture came from a office building in Selma, AL. A pipe had busted in the Ceiling causing all the ceiling, walls, and flooring to get wet. When SERVPRO arrived we had to remove the ceiling first allowing us to see which pipe had burst. Once we identified we got it fixed, then continued to clean up the affected areas.

Pipe burst in basement in home in Selma, AL

This is a beautiful home in Selma where the customer was gone for a weekend and came back to a completely devastated basement. A pipe had burst completely saturating the ceiling and a number of walls.

Leaking shower tub surrounding

Here at SERVPRO of Centreville, Marion, and Selma I have seen 1000's of tub shower surrounds that look like this one.  Usually when surround tile and grout look like this there is grout failure somewhere that is leaking water back behind your tub.  Get it repaired.  Its a great time for an upgrade on your tile.

Water Loss

When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage. Give us a call 24/7.